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Why users uninstall your app and what you can do to reduce churn rate?

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In our last blog we discussed the struggles that mobile marketers face while trying to engage and retain their App users. It has been captured in many studies over the last few years that acquiring a new user is 5 to 25 times more costly than retaining an existing one. Usually marketers that focus their mobile marketing efforts only around bringing-in new customers and not engaging/retaining the existing ones end up wasting 75% of your mobile spend.

Web push notifications
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Web Push Notifications: 4 Ways They Are Causing Disruption in Ecommerce

Web push notifications are those notifications (short messages) that are sent from a particular website. You may receive these messages on your desktop or handheld device even when the sender’s web page is not open in your browser. They are a disruptive marketing channel in its nascence and is meant to re-engage your visitors without requiring to have their email or any other contact detail in advance.

Customer Engagement
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Proven Ways To Increase Customer Engagement With Marketing Automation

Customer Engagement is fast becoming a buzz metric and a highly desirable asset for B2C organizations across the globe. These organizations have elaborate websites, they create compelling content, run campaigns on social, email, paid search, etc. But the real challenge lies in understanding who’s engaging with their brand and what is the nature of their engagement.

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Is Analytics Crucial For Customer Engagement?

In today’s highly inconscient world, customers are desirous of good experiences and not just deals. For your online business to be successful, customer engagement is not only necessary, but crucial. More than ever before, consumers have begun to expect meaningful engagement in the form of personalized recommendations, tailored offers and individual attention in return for their loyalty and referral.

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Getting Personal Online: How It’s Good For Your Business

If yours is an eCommerce business or simply a brick and mortar store (or a chain of stores), offering personalized services, recommendations and offers with your existing and potential customers is definitely a big plus today. The levels of disposable income are high and demand is simply waiting to be met. A personalized online shopping experience can get your business not only a high volume of sales, but also unwavering customer loyalty and retention.